yay for...

not having to go to work on this fifth rainy day in a row,
feeling baby move a lot for the first time this week (!!),
getting to see baby again at our 20 week appointment today,
restaurants that let me order food not on the menu to fulfill my cravings (this week: baked potatoes and banana milkshakes),
my new waterproof boots that Nicholas got me- they've certainly been necessary this week,
my parents; they are in Hawaii right now, lucky ducks!
lots of fun plans this weekend with good friends,
finishing report cards and progress reports with time to spare this week,
black $8 leggings from Target, you are saving my life,
my little brother, who is finishing finals and coming home soon soon soon!
my friend Kristen, who sent us the most adorable homemade panda bear hat for Teeny-Tiny,
almost not cheating at all on my lenten sacrifice of no candy, 
a midweek manicure that is still almost perfect (a record!),
Adele, my most favorite driving in the rain music,
Whole Foods and their 2 for $5 bunches of daffodils, 
not tearing up at any point in the last 5 days (another record, these days!)
long dog walks around the neighborhood (although we only got one in this week), they're the best time for talking,
instagram, for making my ordinary photos far more artsy than they actually are. 

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  1. 20 Weeks...so did you find out boy or girl?!  Can't wait to hear!!  And yes, $8 Target leggings are the best for pregnancy!  Cheap enough to stock up and not be mad you wasted money when you have to go to the next size!


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