I told my students last week that I was going to have a baby. Their reactions were quite varied, but all adorable. One student told me, "I remember when I was a baby and my mom ate me and I was in her tummy for soooo long."
Another student agreed with this one, "I remember being in my mommy's tummy too. It was so smelly in there."
" Mrs. Reisfelt, your tummy is going to get sooooo big!"
" Can you bring the baby to our classroom tomorrow?"
One little girl went home and told her mom that I was having a baby girl and that the baby girl wanted some vanilla ice cream.
All my students wanted to know who else was having a baby and named their various other teachers in the school. 


  1. You're the cutest little pregnant gal ever!! :)  Hope all is well with you, Nick, and the baby!!!

  2. Your bump is adorable!  


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