say yes to the dress

I'll admit, one of my guilty pleasures is TLC's show, Say Yes to the Dress. I'm a sucker for pretty wedding dresses and emotional brides... Usually, this show airs on Friday afternoons and Lucy and I curl up on the couch to watch it and wait for Nick to come home from work. Last Friday, I told him that instead of staying late, I wanted him to come home and hang out with his little family. I threatened that if he wasn't home by 5:00 pm, we were watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, and dressing up for the occasion- not his ideal way to spend a Friday night.
So, Mr. Nicholas hurried home, but not before I had time to dress up the animals for his arrival. Lucy (who actually loves wearing clothes) is sporting a rhinestone bride tank top that was given to me when I was wedding planning. Henry went with a simple black necktie. Luckily, Nicholas came home in the nick of time and was not forced to endure a wedding-dress marathon! 

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