to-do (again)

Hello Friends! I'm writing to you from the flip side of summer school and it feels amazing to be done! Finally, I'll have energy and time to get to all those projects that I've been putting off this past month.
Here's a little list that I've put together of things I'd like to accomplish before I head back to school next month:
1. Our Bedroom! (Nick and I decided this is a priority so we're hopefully starting it next week)
2. This little nook needs some work. Haven't seen it before?? Perhaps that's because Nick calls it the final frontier - the place for furniture that doesn't have a home... Regardless, it needs a little lovin'!
3. See this chair? Nick rescued it from the laundry room (where we always have great furniture finds!) and it also needs some love...

4. I'm 90% sold on our new black table and I like it with the bench in the background. However,  I think it's time for a new paint color for the bench.
So that's my to-do list for the remainder of the summer. I still have a week-long training, jury duty, a vacation, a couple of weekend trips, and a classroom the desperately needs unpacking before school starts, so this list may be a bit ambitious... It's good to have goals, right?!

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