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As we may have mentioned once or twice, we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary on 7.11 (ironically, free slurpee day at Seven Eleven...). We had a two-part celebration.
Celebration number one took place in Pinecrest, CA this past weekend. Nick's family has been camping there for-ev-er and I had never had a chance to visit. So, Mr. Romantic comes home early from work last week and says, "Guess what... I got us a campsite for our anniversary this weekend..." Not much of a camper or someone who relishes the idea of sleeping in dirt, I decided to be optimistic and join in the excitement of our first camping trip together.
Pinecrest was truly beautiful, with the campground situated close to the beautiful lake. While we were only there a short time, we managed to hike the 7-ish miles around the lake, clock some serious beach time, "swim" in the freezing lake, and of course roast some marshmallows.
I loved finally having a picture of the place that was so meaningful to Nick growing up and hearing all the stories that began with, "And this is where we..." It was a great little trip, and just the perfect amount of time. Around the time I started to really crave a shower and my own bed, it was time to pack up and head back to Oak-town. 

Anniversary celebration part two took place on Monday with a sweet dinner at one of my favorite Oakland restaurants, Lake Chalet. This beautiful restaurant is located on Lake Merritt. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner and drinks and enjoyed a break from the ordinary Monday night.
Even the Bay Area summer fog couldn't ruin our night!  
So that's how we celebrated anniversary number three. We plan on taking a mini-vacation later this month or next month when we both have some time off of work. For now, we enjoyed our simple celebrations and the fact that we were able to spend so much time together.

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  1. Hi!
    This year we really did remember your anniversary.  I brought a card up for you and just unpacked it from my suitcase tonight - here, back at home.  Maybe some day I'll get it all together.  Anyway, Grandpa and I are really happy you had a good time at Pinecrest and a nice celebration in Oakland.  Your pictures are beautiful.


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