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Lately I've been loving the look of vintage botanical prints. They make a quiet statement and possess a timeless quality. While browsing Etsy, I came across some small prints on old book pages. The prints were only $7 a piece with free shipping and so I ordered three, planning to put them in this empty corner.

I chose two fern prints and a flower. 
They arrived today and I went out to look for frames for my new art. I decided to go to Aaron Brothers, and by a happy coincidence they happened to have a one cent sale! So I got four frames for $30, rather than $60! 
Since we have a lot of wood going on in the room, I decided to go with a metallic frame. I chose a gold leaf frame to coincide with the vintage feel of the art. While at Aaron Brothers, I also picked up white mats, since the book pages these prints were a bit oddly sized. 
Here's the finished product:

I had originally planned to group all three together around this little corner, but decided that the third print looked a little lonely... I'll probably purchase one more print from the seller and hang two more prints on the window wall, next to the dresser.
I love my new prints! They don't make a big statement but are pretty to look at and they tie in nicely with the rest of the room. 

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