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Sorry to anyone who thought that our previous post title (number 3) indicated an announcement of a bun in the oven. The title may have been misleading, and perhaps disappointing for some. However, if that were the case, it would have to be called number 5 since we clearly already have two babies in our life:
Any-hoo, on to my real reason for writing; to tell you about the flowers that I love, love, love. Those would be peonies. I love the fullness, the scent, and the plain girly-ness of these flowers.
Luckily, Nick understands my love for these beauties and surprised with a bouquet a little while ago.

If you have not experienced the joy of peonies, Trader Joe's has been selling them for $5.99 recently. If I could have bouquets of fresh peonies in my home at all times, I would be a very happy girl. Not that I'm not already very happy... 

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