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So, we've been living here for 6 months now without a headboard for our bed... I think it's time to change that!

I'm not sure what kind of headboard I we want, but I know that it needs to be a visually interesting, since we have no room for side tables to add to the look. My "research" (aka pinterest) has given me many good ideas. I'm hoping that we can execute one of these... maybe this weekend?!
I love the rustic shutter door headboard with the white linens. So pretty! Although if we chose this option, I'd probably not paint the shutter...
White-upholstered headboards have been a long time favorite of mine and I've seen enough tutorials to know that they are pretty easy to make. 
A mantle would make a very cool headboard and we always see collections of old mantels at Urban Ore, so this is a definite possibility. 
Two rustic doors make a beautiful backdrop for this all white bed. Again, Urban Ore would be the perfect place to find doors. The only thing about this is that our bed is currently right next to the closet door, which means there would be 3 doors in a row...

What's your favorite?  I'm hoping to convince Nick to tackle this little project with me this weekend...

UPDATE: Click here to see what we ended up using to create our headboard! 


  1. I've never seen the mantle headboard--that looks really neat!

  2. My hubby took some plywood and a comforter he found in great condition at a second hand store and attached the comforter to the board and attached that to the frame. The comforter already came with the cool button type design and it's this awesome red and soooo soft. Super easy.

  3. reisfeltadventureJune 5, 2011 at 6:19 AM

    What a great idea and so unique! 

  4. reisfeltadventureJune 5, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    I've seen a couple in magazine and such and I really like the idea... the tricky part is finding the correct size mantle for cheap! 


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