a new beach for us

Yesterday we went exploring. Nick and I both had a busy Sunday full of work from home and we were feeling a bit stressed  and grumpy so we decided to drop everything for the afternoon and head over to the city for a free outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones with this idea and parking was kah-ra-zay... So we decided to scrap the concert plans and explore a lesser populated part of the city. As much as we love San Francisco, we tend to stay downtown, and Bay side for the most part. Today our "travels" took us to a new destination; Ocean Beach, an expanse of San Francisco coastline.
We parked at the top of a small cliff, with a beautiful view of the ocean and the practically empty beach.
There were many hang gliders that soared silently above us as we hiked down to the beach. 
Lucy led the way down to the water.
Along the way, we stopped and admired the scenery. 
Once we made it down to the beach, we walked along the water's edge...
while Lucy happily fetched a piece of driftwood from the surf.
We enjoyed a peaceful walk on the beach, away from the hustle of the busy city and the stress of work. For three hours, we had the perfect Sunday getaway with our favorite girl.  It's days like these that remind us how grateful we are for all the beautiful blessings in our lives. 
Sometimes it's nice to get away from it all; even if you only spend an afternoon driving less than twenty miles away from home. A mini-break is rejuvenating and the perfect way to start a new work week.
Of course, some of us find these little jaunts to be a wee bit tiring as well....

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