apple picking

This past weekend, we took Mr. H apple picking, as is the appropriate thing to do on a Fall Weekend. I over-dressed us in fall clothes (given the 80+ degree weather) but we had a great time, nonetheless. We took a scenic drive about an hour and half up the coast and went to an Organic apple farm that specialized not only in apples, but pears, pumpkins, sunflowers currently. We picked 10 pounds of apple (I have high aspirations for applesauce, apple pie, caramel apples and the like). Nick or I would actually pick the apple off the tree and hand it to Hayden to put into the bin. He's super into sorting items and moving things from one space to another, so this was the perfect job for him. Such a fun Fall activity and we're looking forward to the next one on our agenda- the pumpkin patch! 

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