5 on Friday

Five little updates from this week:  
1. The painters already finished most of the downstairs yesterday and it's such a big difference! Sorry for the bad iPhone picture, I'll share much better ones when all the painting is done! 
2. This kid cracks me up. Everyday, he's doing something so silly. His new thing is to climb into containers, boxes, pans, trays, anything that will hold his size. Yesterday while I was getting ready, he climbed into a laundry basket in our room and played in there for 15 minutes. 

3. We did go the pumpkin patch last Friday and had such a great time. I will write more about that later, but Hayden picked out his pumpkin in the first 2 minutes we were there.
4. New table!! Another update for you- we are finally getting a new table for our dining room and it's being delivered today. Sooo excited!! Also... we basically got it for free ;)  It's this table from West Elm: 

5. I'm late on my usual October 1st Halloween decorating (I blame the construction site for the last 3 weeks...) but we're throwing a party this weekend so I'm planning of doing some decorating with H today! I'm pretty sure this is the last year I can do anything spooky around the house for a little while (since I don't want to scare Hayden!) so I've got to live it up! 
Halloween 2011

Happy Friday, guys! Hope it's a great weekend!

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