soundtrack to my life

I'm definitely not a musical person; I can't play an instrument or carry a tune to save my life. However, I love listening to music and almost always have it playing when we're home, when I'm working, cooking, whenever. Sometimes I really identify with songs because I feel like the lyrics really speak to me at the moment. Other times, I latch onto songs because they remind me of a specific moment in my life, even if the actual words of the song have nothing to do with anything relating to my life. Whenever I do find a song like that, I end up listening to it on repeat for like 2 weeks straight (drives Nick crazy...). My most recent song has nothing to do with anything except this: 
The other day, Hayden and I were in the kitchen. He was playing with measuring spoons and bowls and hiding his magnet letters in drawers for me to find later. I was cooking dinner. We had our Pandora on and our pumpkin candles lit and there was light streaming through the window and this song came on.

It was just one of those moments where I felt so blessed and undeserving of this beautiful life. It's one of those little moments that I want to remember forever, even though it was so ordinary. Anyway... that's my current favorite song for the week- until another strikes a chord next week ;) 

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