a new blue friend

Nick and I purchased a new chair for our living room a couple of weekends ago. I had my eye on this chair since World Market released it and as luck would have it, it went on super sale right when purchased it so we paid only $199 for it. (Now it's back up to the original price of $279 but I know World Market tends to have big sales often). It's called the Ravenna Chair and for the first time we're straying away from our safe neutral furniture and adding some color to the living room. (I guess that navy blue is my go-to shade when deciding to add some color to a space!) Previously, we have our 2 leather chairs in the room along with our linen couch. The leather chairs look nice together but are big chairs and were making the space feel a bit heavy. Plus Nick has been asking for a chair in our office (aka his new man-cave) so it made sense to move one of our comfortable leather chairs up there. 
I love this new little chair. It's definitely not a curl-up-and-watch-TV type chair (since it is armless...) but it is comfortable for sitting and chatting with friends and it adds some  more interest to our living room. We have other plans to liven this space up and make it a bit for child-friendly for our soon-to-be-mobile baby.  

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