rainbow in a jar

This post is a few days too late, but this little project turned out to be so fun and cute that I wanted to share anyway! I found this link on Pinterest a long time ago and kept it in my mind for St. Patrick's Day. Because we are completely missing Easter at Hayden's preschool (due to Spring Break and vacations), I wanted to whip up a little St. Patrick's Day treat for Hayden's teachers. 
I had a few jars that I originally bought for Christmas crafts lying around. I bought 3 big bags of skittles in various flavors (to make sure I covered all those ROY G BIV colors). I also couldn't find any chocolate gold coins at my local Target so I just picked up some Hershey's kisses wrapped in gold foil.  First, I layered the bottom of the jar with kisses. Then I dumped all my skittles into a big bowl to sort out. I started with a red layer and worked my way up to purple. In hindsight, perhaps purple should have been at the bottom...
I had tons of pink skittles left over so I decided to add some pink on top just for fun... 
After I finished, I tied a little bow and a note onto each jar for both of Hayden's teachers (one of which happens to be my Aunt!).
Now I know St. Patty's Day is over, but who wouldn't love to receive a jar of full of rainbow skittles any day of the year?! I know I would! 

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