wild turkey tuesday: west coast contingency

Nick's fraternity in college had an annual tradition called Wild Turkey Tuesday. The event, always taking place the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, consisted of drinking Wild Turkey among friends. Last year, Nick decided to carry on the WTT festivity over here in California. Last night we celebrated our second annual West Coast version of the event. Every successful party needs food, correct? Last night I decided to make this Martha Stewart recipe for soft pretzels. Having made these several years ago, I knew that they were easy and really fun to make. I paired the pretzels with a variety of mustards. Although I personally consider doughy pretzels a whole meal, most people require more than just carbs for their dinner; so Nick grilled several types of sausages and we offered cheese as well. 
Happy almost-Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Yummy! Looks so good! And I love those cute curtains too by the way!


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