thankful for

my husband's kind heart 
his sense of humor
his generosity
lucy's love
henry's antics
our parents' love
our special siblings 
our stable jobs
supportive working environments
our lovely friends
our eccentric neighbors
my precocious students
our cozy home
our miniature dishwasher
falling leaves
the color pink
oatmeal and the today show with nick
car seat heaters
the beauty of california
the farmer's market
warm boots
candy, so much candy
nick's handsome glasses
big family thanksgivings 
far away friends
 my faith
newest family members arriving safe and sound
the ocean
plaid shirts
our vibrant neighborhood
recipes and cooking
home depot's paint department
long walks with our little family
steam heat
my own closet
almost every person in our families under one roof 
lucy's cuddles
adventures with friends
scented candles
black tea
technology (usually)
friendly strangers
homemade pajamas from mom
mini vacations
christmas music and movie season
bouquets of flowers
the blog and those of you that read it
nick's mad laundry skills
my fancy camera
our optimism 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

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