ghost bowling

The night before Halloween, I decided I would make a little bowling game for my classroom party. I prefer to have lots of activities set up during a class party so that my kids have something to do- other than  run around on crazy cupcake-induced sugar highs. I waited until the last minute to make these ghosts, so I had to use what was available to me- mismatched plastic bottles that had previously held sparkling/tonic water (and several small bottles that I saved from my parents' recycling can-post chili cook off).
Working with what I had, I peeled all the labels off of the bottles and rinsed them out. Then I filled the bottom of each bottle with a little bit of rice to weigh it down. 
I then hot-glued the tops of the bottles on, so that some of my trickier students would not be able to dump rice all over the classroom floor. Next, I used my trusty white spray paint and spray painted all the the bottles. Time was of the essence, so  I only gave them one coat of paint.
When I brought them to school the next morning, I quickly drew a face on each bottle with black permanent marker. I tried to make most of the faces silly rather than scary, since my little five year olds are not so into the spooky aspect of Halloween. 
I set up the game with a small pumpkin to use as in leu of a bowling ball. 
Ghost bowling= so fun! 
(except for the ghosts...)


  1. This is the cutest ever. 

  2. super cute and i love "trickier students"!


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