what about the tree?

Today our school participated in The Great California Shakeout, where we had our first earthquake drill of the school year, along with millions of others in the state of California. Since it was our first earthquake drill of the year, I took plenty of time to explain and model the procedures during an earthquake drill. I explained that the reason we go underneath the tables is so that nothing falls on us while the earth is shaking.
One of my students raised his hand and asked, "What about the tree? Are you going to save the tree?" You see, we've been studying trees in our science unit, and have a small planted pine "tree" on the window sill. My students were very concerned about the safety of the tree during the earthquake. It was decided that the tree should also go under the table, to make sure it didn't fall off the window sill or have something else fall on top of it. So cute!
Ironically, we had a minor earthquake later on in the day, and my students were prepared, with several of them diving under the table the minute we felt the shake!

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