B&A: Spooky Lamps

Remember the creepy lamps from our console vignette
A quick and mostly free DIY took these lamps from their former glory to their current haunted-house vibe. 
I got these lamps (which are actually candleholders with shades) from my mom. She bought them at a consignment shop, but didn't find a use for them and passed them on to me. I painted them turquoise (standard!) but didn't like them enough for anywhere in my home. So, I decided to spray paint them with a shiny blackish/bronze. 
Then I draped my dyed cheese cloth around the shades. I used scissors to cut a jagged edge and small holes in the cheese cloth to make these lamps extra creepy.
This super-easy DIY could be done to any lamp. The black cheesecloth provides just a little Halloween cheer and is a fun accessory for the season! (Plus, this project is easily reversed when Halloween has passed.)

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