a trade-off

 Yesterday, my friend Erin and I had a date to shop the new Missoni for Target collection. We read about it over a month ago and knew that some of the items might just be perfect for Erin's new apartment. Unfortunately, due to school/work/etc. we weren't able to go on Tuesday when Missoni arrived at Target. Instead, we had to wait until yesterday, which we figured was fine. Actually, it wasn't. Both (yes we went to two) Targets we visited had not a zigzag in sight, save a few baby clothes, 1 pair of heels, and several misleading posters claiming they carried the Missoni. We couldn't believe the entire collection had sold out in two days!
To make ourselves feel as though the shopping excursion wasn't a complete waste, we headed to our mutual fav, Anthropologie. I picked up these pretty pretty hand towels for our bathroom. I feel like they complement our shower curtain and the rug we have in there. We originally had white hand towels but I felt like they needed constant washing to look pristine, plus they were lacking in character. So I brought these lovelies home to take their place.

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  1. The lack of Missoni was a TRUE disappointment, but these hand towels are lovely... definitely not a total loss. 


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