Shine a little light on this mystery

Hello. I realized the we never shared with you the secret of our bedside lights. So my lovely husband has volunteered to share his Ikea Hack with you all today.
I purchased two of these wall sconces from IKEA for $14.99 a piece. We liked the simple lines of these lights and didn't want anything to take away from our headboard. However, we weren't too excited about the very noticeable white cord that ran out of the bottom of the light. So, Nick worked his magic to make these cords invisible. 
My not-so-silent partner is here to explain his method:

First, I drilled a hole, using a 1/4 inch drill bit into the back plate of the sconce. 
Since it wasn't a perfect circle, I used pliers to pry off the metal stragglers.
Tada! Nice, clean cut:
Next, I removed the grommet that was originally located at the bottom of the fixture, and reinstalled it into the newly drilled hole. 
After this was complete, I removed the back plate to gain access to the wiring. Then, I removed the wire nuts from the cord so that it could routed through the back, rather than the bottom of the fixture. 
Next, I routed the cord through the back of the fixture.
Make sure and tie a knot once it's threaded through, so that you don't run the risk of the cord getting disconnected from the wire nuts. That would be BAD!
I rewired the lamp using the original wire nuts.
Before completely reassembling the fixture, we plugged it in just to make sure it wouldn't burn the house down! Let there be light! 
The last thing I did was drill holes through the headboard so that the cord could pass through and sit behind the bed, thus no cords detract from our headboard. 

I hope you like my first post! My wife promises that I'll be back here more often to share my side of the story- instead of just sticking behind the scenes.

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