13 months

Mr. H is 13 months old and more and more of a toddler every day. He is amazing us with all his new skills and words and seems like he's always trying to figure something new out. He has amassed a few new words this month including, "buh bye", "baby" "hey ya" (hi), "Emma" (my sister, Emily). He also says "zzzzz" when we show him a Zebra picture and "buh" when we show him a Bee. 
At 13 months, this kid is on the move, climbing everywhere, and trying to move everything around. His favorite place is in our backyard. Whenever the door is open, he beelines for the great outdoors and loves to explore the yard. He also enjoys rearranging deck furniture and throwing Lucy her ball. He loves to go to the park and slide, swing, and climb. We went on vacation two weeks ago and he loved the beach. He built sandcastles with Daddy, climbed in his tent, played on the beach chairs, and enjoyed the never-ending supply of snacks. 
Hayden's appetite has grown so much this month. He eats pretty much everything and we've started ordering him his own small meal when we go out to eat because he likes it so much more than eating off of our plates. We went out to breakfast for my birthday last week and he ate 1 and half pancakes, a scrambled egg, and a cup of fruit!  He can also  feed himself with a fork and a spoon, but still definitely prefers using his hands to eat. 
My sweet little boy has developed a little bit of a shy streak in the last month. Lots of time when we leave the house and see someone besides Daddy, he puts his head on my shoulder and holds on tight. He's such a sweet cuddly guy and I love watching him grow into a little kid! 


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