13 month favorites

Hayden is becoming more and more of a toddler every day and, his tastes preferences are starting to emerge.  I wanted to share some his (and our) favorite things at this current age. 
  1. Safety First Magnetic Locks: Oh my gosh, these have been a must ever since Hayden started crawling, pulling up, and getting into everything. His favorite activity is opening cabinets and drawers and these locks have helped us keep anything potentially hazardous locked away. They are a little pricier than other door locks, but we love that they can open easily with the magnet and stay securely locked. We didn't take away all his fun- we left one cabinet and a few drawers with things that he can play with, like tupperware. It's definitely a favorite activity for him to pull everything out of the drawer and carry it around the house. 
  2. Baby Swing: Hayden is very lucky and received this swing and a hand-built swing set from his Pops for his birthday. He swings everyday and loves it! The other morning, he crawled right across the wet grass to the swing looked up at it and waited for me to put him in. Loves it! 
  3. Green Toys Trucks: Hayden got a couple of the Green Toys vehicles for his birthday and he loves them. He plays with them in his sandbox and on the lawn. They are sturdy and cute and made from 100% recycled materials. 
  4. Angel Dear Blankie: We got Hayden an Angel Dear Owl Blankie around 6- 7 months and he slept with it every night and all naps. In the last few months he's gotten pretty attached to it and snuggles up with it every night when we put him in his crib. It's so soft, even after multiple washings and the perfect size for a little guy. I couldn't find his owl on the website, but I think this raccoon one is pretty adorable too!
  5. Lollacup: Hayden received a Lollacup as a gift and we put it away for awhile because he wasn't using straws yet. Now, he prefers drinking his milk and water out of straw cups instead of sippy cups. The Lollacups are really cute, safe, and don't leak. We have 3 now and they are our go to cups for everyday use. 
  6. Radioflyer Walker: We also got this as a gift (sensing a theme?!) and Hayden loves throwing things in it and walking around the house with it. The other day we met Daddy outside with the walker and I think it made Daddy's night to see Hayden walking toward him!
  7. Noise Machine: We've been using this one from the start but it is still a lifesaver. It drowns out any other noise, so that Hayden can sleep through his parents ripping out the flooring downstairs or any other background noise. When we put it on now, he knows it's time for nap or bed. We took it with us on several vacations recently and we really think the continuity of the same noise from place to place contributed to his sleeping soundly. 
  8. Gap pants: Love love love these gap pants for baby boys. They are much more stylish than loose sweats but allow Hayden to move around easily, unlike when he's wearing jeans. He has 4 different pairs of these pants and crawls everywhere in them and we have yet to see any holes in the knees. They are super cute and Gap seems to come out with new colors every season. Also so much more affordable than other baby leggings that I've come across! 

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