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It all started with this quilt: 
I got this quilt over Christmas break at Anthropologie. It was on super clearance with a sale on top of that. Plus I had several gift cards. So it ended up being 2 cents out of pocket. No, really... Only 2 cents.  So, I brought it home and began pondering what direction I could take our very neutral (read: boring) bedroom, with this exciting new addition. 
We already had our navy striped euro shams, which tied in nicely with the navy on the quilt. But, there were so many other possibilities in the quilt... green, yellow, light blue, lavender, pink, red. Basically I could go any direction I wanted with the colors. So, I thought about this for a good long, long, long time. 
And then I surprised myself and ended up going with red as an accent color. You see, I've never been a huge fan of red. My mom, however, has pretty much always had red somewhere in her house. She once had a red kitchen, a red dining room. Her car is red... But I've never been drawn to the color. I don't quite know how it happened but I'd pick up something and think that it would look good with the quilt and the item would just happen to be red. 
I'm planning on recovering the bench at the end of our bed with this red ikat fabric:
 I found these reddish/orange shams at World Market this past weekend, and the lumbar pillow from Target:
I even recovered my lampshades and trimmed them with red ikat ribbon:
The room has a long, long way to go, but I'm excited about the direction it's taking and how bright and cheerful it is slowly becoming. My next plans include: finding some matching nightstands, recovering the sconce lampshades on our head board, painting the walls (probably bright white), finding or making curtains,  and hanging some art. We'll get there some day! 


  1. Looks great! Thanks for including Cost Plus World Market.

    - World Market


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