baby book shelves

This little mister (who happens to be 8 months old today!) loves books. He likes to spend his time opening and shutting them, eating them, turning pages, and occasionally sitting still long enough to listen to a whole story. Books seem to be a popular gift item and in these past eight months Hayden has accumulated quite a collection. We have two baskets of books in his room and another basket downstairs as well. I decided that what Mr. H really needed for his collection were a few shelves. I've seen several sources online where people use picture ledges as a display for books. 
So on Monday, Hayden, his buddy Brayden, Brayden's mama and I went to Ikea and I picked up 3 short picture ledges for $10 a piece.  Nick, very sweetly, hung them up straight after work.  The shelves are very secure on the wall, so in a few months when Hayden decides they might be a good place to pull himself up, they won't be going anywhere! I couldn't wait to start filling them with books. Even though we didn't fit all his books into these shelves, we downsized from three book baskets to just one. It's nice to still have the one basket so we can take it with us to other rooms in the house. 
 I like how the books add some pops of color in an otherwise fairly neutral room. Plus, it's nice to get the books up off the ground.  
Hayden definitely approves of the new shelves (and books in general)! 

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