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Life keeps "getting in the way" of documenting our lives via this little blog. It seems like the weeks of this year keep flying by. I looked at my baby app on my phone today and it told me that my sweet little boy is 37 (!!) weeks old which is not to far off from 52 weeks... Yikes! Anyway, even without having time to take "real" pictures or write thoughtful posts, I've been doing my best to snap quick pictures of what we've been up to on my phone..

(Finally broke out my Christmas gift and am slowly learning to sew)
(Dinner outside now that the weather is warm)
(lovely spring flowers from Nick)

(my dinner prep is filled with lively music and laughter)
(Somebody is working hard on standing... we're in trouble!)

(Our bedroom is a hot mess right now as I am am being super indecisive about a plan for it)

(Getting extra healthy for the Spring to lose those last few pounds of baby weight before summertime)

(Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I'm totally obsessed with this book and read it cover to cover in one weekend.)

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