5 months

Seeing as it was my baby's 6 month birthday yesterday, I thought it was about time to share his 5 month photo. Better late than never (?)... Anyway, 5 months was another fun month with our little man. He celebrated his first Christmas and New Years. Hayden sat up for the first time, balancing on his hands for the first time on Christmas Day. Little Mister demonstrated his full range of rolls this month (and I'm not talking about those ankle rolls- though aren't they something?!). He mastered rolling from back to front and front to back again. Hayden also started giving hugs. He is so cuddly and wraps his arms around our necks when we hold him. We are loving seeing what a sweet boy our baby is turning out to be! 
Since I'm so behind on blogging this month's big milestones, I'll be posting his 6 month photo tomorrow to get back on track! 

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