Nick and I made some of our resolutions together again this year and even though we're a little late in announcing them, we've already been putting them into practice over the last 3 weeks. One of our most important challenges for the year is to be the best possible parents to Hayden so we tried to frame most of our resolutions around that goal. 
1. This one serves as a reminder that even on our worst days, we are still amazingly blessed and we have a wonderful, wonderful life.
2. With both us working now, we have less family time than before. It is important to both us to live in the moment, to unplug, and enjoy this beautiful little life as a family of three.
3. One of our main goals as a family is try and get to a place where I can stay home (at least part time) with Hayden. We decided that being open to new ways of doing things and getting creative may be the best way to make our plan become a reality.
4. Sometimes we need a little push to be kind and think of others!
5. This is a house-related goal- to embrace more color! I love neutrals but I've found that I'm always drawn to more color in stores and in pictures. I've decided to be a little braver as we continue to decorate our home this coming year. One of my favorite rooms in our previous apartment was our little kitchen nook with its deep blue ceiling: 
 6. Nick and I are pretty good about eating healthy most of the time. However, with Little Mister soon beginning to eat along with us  we want to make this year our healthiest yet. We're trying to avoid processed foods, eat plenty of super foods, and be more conscious about what we're putting on our plates. 


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