My other guy

Lest you think I've only got eyes for my chunky-cheeked little Valentine, I want to take a moment and expound on my "big" Valentine. The guy who took me for a quick pre-work donut + coffee date yesterday; the guy who has brought me 2 giant bouquets of my second most favorite flower (hydrangeas- you can't find peonies anywhere this time of year!) in the last two weeks; the guy who spent 2 hours last night making me the tastiest dinner; the guy who got up off the couch one night and drove to Target to buy me an electric blanket because I was chilly; the guy who brought me top ramen and organic fake-sprite when I was extra sick with the flu last month; the guy who didn't get angry with me that one time two weeks ago when we ran out of gas; (subsequently, the guy who now religiously takes my car to the gas station for me;) the guy who cleans our whole house and keeps up with all the laundry every weekend, so I can have extra time with H. Yeah, that guy is pretty awesome and I'm one lucky lady.

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