instagram fridge

Nick and I really like using instagram to document the ordinary moments in our daily lives. In fact, lately we've been using instagram more than our actual camera to take pictures. Every once in a while, I decide that I need to print some of these pictures out. There's lots of sites that do this now, but I particularly like Social Prints Studio. They are fast and efficient and it connects right to your instagram account so that you don't have to do any uploading. The prints usually ship quickly too. Since we had acquired quite a collection of instagram prints, I decided to "wallpaper" our fridge with them. I bought this roll of magnet tape and stuck a strip of magnet on the back of each print.
 Then I just stuck them to the side of the refrigerator in a grid. I tried to space out the Hayden pictures (which obviously made up the majority of our shots) with our other pictures. 
In the end, we have a fun, memorable collage to look at, instead of a big grey box.  

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