11 months

This little kid is 11 months! I can't believe how fast this year has gone, although at the same time I can remember being sooo pregnant at this time last year! Hayden's emerging personality is the cutest. He is a little mischievous and thinks the word "no" is pretty darn funny. He loves loves loves Lucy and climbs all over her all the time. (She tolerates him for the most part...) He is a busy boy and is always on the move, crawling all over the house (including up our entire flight of stairs the other day), pulling up, and cruising around. His favorite toys are of course non toys- cell phones, remotes, spoons, bowls, hairbrushes, cups, and boxes. He likes to sit and listen to stories without trying to rip books out of our hands now. His appetite has grown a lot this past month. The other day he ate 10 (!) strawberries in one sitting (in addition to the rest of his dinner). His words this month are "Mom" (not Mama), "Dada", "yeah",  and we're pretty sure he can say "Hayden." In these hot months he's been spending a lot of time in the pool and loves the water. He's a great napper (which is good news for my new jobs!) and a decent night sleeper, though we  have our off nights here and there. He's cheerful most of the time and loves to laugh. We can't believe our sweet little boy is going to be one in just a few weeks! 
Annnnnd for an added bonus, there's this:


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