this guy =

totally awesome. 

Not only does he look super cute in his glasses, help me with all my crazy DIY schemes,  he  also keeps me sane.
Friday night we were out walking the dog when I had that "Oh crap" moment, realizing I forgot to do something. The something I forgot to do was feed the classroom fish. The  20+ baby goldfish that I was sharing with the entire Kindergarten team for the next 10 weeks. Seeing as how it was a Friday, and a long weekend, I had little doubt that I would be responsible for 20 fishy deaths come Tuesday, if I didn't get to school. 
Of course my sensible husband loaded the dog and myself into the car and drove me straight to work to see if the building was still open. Luckily, we made it with 5 minutes to spare and were able to give the fish a nice big meal to last the weekend.
When I arrived at school this morning,  all fish were alive and counted for and I breathed a big sigh of relief. No one dies on my his watch....


  1. This is seriously the most true statement ever. Nick is the best :)

  2. you're so right!


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