pinecone tree

I showed you our entry table, complete with snow globes, trees, and plenty of faux snow! After putting out my ribbon tree from last year, I felt it looked a little lonely - like it could use a buddy... so I decided to make another tree this year. Instead of going the same blingy route as last year, I decided that a rustic tree would complete Mr. White and Gold perfectly. I envisioned something with sticks or wood of some sort. Then my clever hubby suggest pinecones. We bought a cheap bag of pinecones and the cardboard cone at Michaels. Then I set to work pulling apart the pinecones (not so easy...). After a few scrapes and pokes from the prickly pinecones, I had a bowl full of pieces to use for the tree. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to the top of the cone, going around the circle. Then I went back and filled in wherever I saw cardboard peeking through. This little craft only took about an hour, and would have been even quicker, had those pinecones been more agreeable. I love the rustic new addition to the tree family.

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