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Christmas is my favorite time of year and Nick and I have been busy pulling out our Christmas decorations and preparing our home for the joyful season. Last year, our "theme" was Rustic Glam, where we incorporated rustic outdoorsy elements with pretty whites, sparkles, silvers, and golds. This year, we have a lot of the same decor and a few new elements as well. One of my favorite decor items from last year was the rustic box the Nick and Bob built for me. The box made its reappearance this year with more white candles, silver balls, and some Christmas tree clippings. I bought a pretty gold runner from West Elm to finish off the look. Other than this centerpiece, we leave our Christmas table pretty empty so that it's ready to go in the event of a party, dinner party, holiday get-together, or simply a weeknight dinner for Nick and me. During dinner, Nick sweetly lets me sit facing the doors so that I get a view of the garland, twinkling lights, and all the Christmas lights outside. 

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Very cute! First of all, loving the chandelier (: The center piece is great! Rustic looks are my favorite (:

  2. What a fun light fixture!  Your table looks fantastic!! I linked up to the same party at TLC. Check out my blog!


    Thanks, Jen

  3. BlueClearSkyElizabethDecember 6, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Simple, sparkly and pretty! Love the look at night. I'm also stopping by from TLC.

  4. Thanks so much! 

  5. Thanks so much Michaela! Rustic is definitely my go-to look for the holidays! 


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