Our backyard got a little more love this past week. As mentioned in this post my father-in-law, Bob (the builder) built us a lovely outdoor table for our space. Since we have a small patio and we wanted to create two separate areas (eating and lounging), Bob constructed a small 3 ft x 4 ft wooden table. He captured my vision perfectly, creating a rustic table full of character. Bob decided to build a pedestal table so that we could fit more chairs around the table. 

 As for chairs, I love the idea of mixing finishes so I wanted to add modern metal chairs to complement the rustic vibe of the table. I would have loved to add these bistro chairs, but at $245 per chair, they were definitely out of budget. Fortunately, I found a chair that I'm just as happy with for 10 % of the cost. I love the fresh, modern white next to the warm wood. Plus, since these chairs were so cheap, I wouldn't hesitate to break out a fun color of spray paint if the mood ever struck. 
As you can see from these pictures, the rest of the backyard still needs some styling and work. We are planning a few projects for this weekend so hopefully I'll have an update sometime next week! Happy weekend everyone! 

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